US: Mikey Hothi is first ever Sikh mayor in California city

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CALIFORNIA: Mikey Hothi of Indian origin has been unanimously elected as the mayor of Lodi city in California, becoming the first Sikh to attain the highest position in the history of the American city to date, LocalToday reported.

Taking to Twitter, Hothi on Friday said, “Honored to be sworn in as the 117th Mayor of the City of Lodi”
After becoming the mayor, Hothi’s main duty will be to chair the meetings of the Common Council and serve as the city’s executive officer.

Local newspaper Lodi Times quoted the mayor as saying it was a safe city. Good people, good education, great culture and hard-working people live in this city, according to LocalToday

Mikey Hothi graduated from Tokay High School in 2008. For the first time in 2020, in November, he was elected to the Lodi Municipal Council from District 5.

Notably, Lodi is located in San Joaquin County, California, and the population of the city, according to the 2021 census was 67,021, LocalToday reported.

Local newspaper, The Lodi News-Sentinel reported that Mikey Hothi’s family were also instrumental in the construction of the Sikh Temple on Armstrong Road.

Hothi told local media after his election that our experiences are similar to the Hispanic community, the Greek community that came before us, and the German community, according to LocalToday. (ANI)

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