Women snatch power cables from Gescom staff in Yadgir village, demand free power

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A group of women snatched the wires which the Gescom staff had disconnected at a village in Yadgir taluk.

YADGIR, DAVANAGAERE, HASSAN: The staff of power utility Gescom were at the receiving end of women’s anger when they went to disconnect power supply to some houses at Abbetumakuru village in taluk on Saturday.

After the Gescom staff disconnected power connections, they were surrounded by a bunch of women who insisted that none of them will not pay the power bills stating that the Congress has promised free power up to 200 units.

The staff tried to reason with them that some of the household have dues ranging between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000, but the women would have none of it. They even snatched the wires that the Gescom staff had cut and dumped in their vehicle, leaving the power utility staff exasperated.

A town crier has been going around villages announcing the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has issued orders on free power of 200 units.

At Goniwad village in Davanagere taluk, a town crier has been going around asking people not to pay their power bills and stating that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had issued orders on free power. The unidentified man has been going around villages making the announcement and a video of him has since gone viral.

In Hassan too, people are refusing to pay their power bills and women are insisting that they should be allowed free travel in buses. “They sought our votes by promising free power, free bus travel, 10 kg of free rice and doles for women and unemployed youths. Now that the Congress has come to power, the government should fulfill its guarantees announced in the run-up to the election”, said Krishna, a retiree, and Mala, a homemaker.

Others including Giddegowda, a specially abled person, and Kamalamma, a roadside vendor, also echoed their views.

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