Woman rushes to son’s rescue, thrashes drunk men at bar with helmet

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Public TV English
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The woman hit the drunk men with her helmet to rescue her son, who works as a cashier at a bar.

CHIKKAMAGALUR: A woman rushed to her son’s rescue when some drunk men tried to attack him at a bar here on Friday. The woman thrashed the men with her helmet though her son kept telling her to keep away.

Bar cashier Naveen (in pink shirt) in a scuffle with the two drunk men.

Suma arrived at Nandini Bar and Restaurant with packed lunch for her son Naveen, who works as a cashier. When she saw some drunk men attacking Naveen over a dispute about their bill, she rushed to his rescue and hit them with her helment several times.

The two drunk men were taken away by the police for questioning.

Naveen kept telling his mother to go inside, but she did not relent. Finally, the police arrived on the scene and took away the drunk duo. A case has been registered at the Chikkamagalur Town police station.

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