Scan Maadi, Kannada Matadi: Unique QR code developed by Kannadiga

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Bhargavi Hemanth (right) with the Scan Madi Kannada Matadi QR code.

BENGALURU: Various efforts are being made to teach Kannada to people from outside the state and other countries in our state. Amidst this is a Kannadathi, who is making a unique effort to teach Kannada with one single click. And, she is getting appreciation from different quarters for her effort and love for Kannada.

Bhargavi Hemanth, who is the creator of a new technique for teaching Kannada and founder of Sletu Balapa Foundation, is a resident of Yelachenahalli and a director with a private company. She is trying to teach Kannada to non-Kannadigas from the last two years through the Sletu Balapa Foundation.

Bhargavi aims to enable everyone in Karnataka to speak in Kannada through their new Talk In Kannada (TIK) initiative for which she has developed a seperate QR code. Users can just scan the code through PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm, Google Lens, which will lead to a website which has conversation guides in 28 categories.

Actor Raghavendra Rajkumar has extended support for the initiative.

On selecting any of the required category, the web page will display conversations in both Kannada and English on the screen. The 28 categories include conversations (dialogues) with drivers, at bus stands, airports, hotels, banks and others. Hence, non-Kannada speakers can easily speak in Kannada and understand the meaning.

These QR codes can be displayed at the airport, bus stand, auto, auto stands, market and other places. Actor Raghavendra Rajkumar has also extended his support to the campaign and citizens too have responded positively.

Bhargavi Hemanth and friends distributing the QR code stickers among autorichshaw drivers.

Bhargavi Hemanth said she took this initiatives to teach Kannada for non-Kannadigas and who have came from other places. “I have developed the QR code which can be used through any apps such as PhonePe, GooglePay, Paytm, Google Lens. This will lead to a website link where people can find a conversation list of 28 categories and learn Kannada as well as English. Scan Maadi, Kannada Matadi is the core objective. If the government carries forwarded our Kannada teaching method, I would be happy”.

“If it is easy for non-Kannada speakers to learn Kannada from the QR Code method, it will helpful for Kannada speakers to learn English too. Everyone should join the effort to promote Kannada. I am trying to teach Kannada to IT employees too”, Bhargavi added

Autorickshaw driver Akram Pasha said this is valuable effort made by Bhargavi in teaching and learning Kannada.

Autorickshaw driver Akram Pasha said, “It is very easy and simple to use. It will help to make conversation with non-Kanndiga passengers. Teaching Kannada to others is a great job. I congratulate her for unique effort”.

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