Residents of Bharat Nagar face drinking water shortage, rely on tankers

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BENGALURU: Residents of Bharat Nagar in Byatarayanapura constituency are facing a shortage of drinking water and they complain that the Cauvery water which they get once a week has a foul smell and is polluted.

To cope with the shortage of water, the residents are now banking on tankers. Since last month, Cauvery water supply has been provided to houses, but the residents complain that water is supplied only once a week and has a bad odour. They also claimed that the people who drank the water had to be admitted to hospital.

The residents are buying a tanker of water for Rs 500-600 each. They also claim that the problem of drinking water has been there for years and only recently, Cauvery water connection has been provided to the houses. They buy drinking water regularly through water tankers and cans.

Imran Pasha, the resident of Bharat Nagar.

“The Cauvery water that we get is polluted and unhygienic. Children fall sick after drinking this water and need to be admitted to hospital. Another problem we face is that drainage water enters the house during the rainy season. When we ask the officials, they do not respond properly. For drinking purposes, we get water from tankers or we buy cans. Elected representatives come during elections and ask for votes. The Cauvery water connection was provided one month ago and when we asked them about the unhygenic water, they tell us to keep using it and that it will become clear after some time”, said Imran Pasha, a resident of Bharat Nagar.

Mehtaj, one of the residents of Bharat Nagar.

“When it rains, drainage water enters the house. The officials said they are checking the Cauvery water that is being supplied. For many years, we have been getting water in tankers and use that. We vote for representatives thinking they will work for us”, said Mehtaj, another resident of Bharat Nagar.

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