Man arrested for selling 3-month-old male child in Bangarpet

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Public TV English
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The Bangarpet resident was arrested for selling his three-month-old baby boy for money.

KOLAR: A man from Bangarpet has been arrested after he allegedly sold his three-month-old baby boy for money. The arrest follows a complaint by his wife seeking custody of the child.

The baby was born to Muniraju and Pavithra on June 21 last year and he had sold the boy three months later through Kerekodi resident Valli. Three days ago, Pavithra lodged a complaint with the Women and Child Development Department, the Women’s Commission and the Bangarpet police alleging that her child had been kidnapped by her husband Muniraju and another woman, Valli, and sought custody of the child.

The mother (centre) had lodged a complaint seeking custody of the child.

She also claimed that she was locked up in her husband’s parental house at Pandivarapalli and that she freed herself with the help of some villagers. Following this, the police rescued the boy from a couple who claimed to have registered the adoption, and arrested Muniraju. The police are questioning all those involved and conducting further investigation.

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