Elephant with huge tusks spotted in Kabini backwaters

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Public TV English
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The elephant's tusks measure more than 2 metres.

CHAMARAJANAGAR: An elephant with massive tusks has been spotted in the backwaters of the Kabini river in Bandipur tiger reserve. This is for the first time that an elephant with huge tusks has been spotted after the death of elepant Bhogeshwara last year.

The elephant was spotted in the Kabini backwaters.

The elephant, which has tusks measuring over 2 metres in length, almost touching the ground, was spotted by tourists recently frolicking with another elephant near a water body.

Elephant Bhogeshwara, which reportedly had the longest tusks in Asia, died of natural causes in June last year at the age of 60. Bhogeshwar’s tusks measures 2.54 metres and 2.34 metres in length. The elephant was found dead in the Gundre range of Bandipur tiger reserve.

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