1,228 cyber crime cases in Bengaluru in a month; police claim staff shortage

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BENGALURU: As many as 1,228 cases of cyber crime were registered in January in the city, but the cyber crime police are struggling to tackle the case load due to shortage of staff.

With newer technologies coming in every day, tricksters are finding different ways to commit online frauds. Many cases were registered in January, but due to staff shortage, the police are still working to solve them. The government’s reluctance to open Cyber Economic and Narcotics Crime (CEN) police stations at the sub-divisional level is only compounding the problem, retired officers pointed out.

1,228 cases of cyber crime were registered in the month of January.

Last year, Bengaluru reported the highest number of cyber crime cases and this has seen an increasing trend since the start of this year. The number of cases registered at various CEN police stations in the city are as follows: 90 cases have been registered with the Central division CEN police station, 145 in the South division CEN police station, 215 in the North division, 122 in the East division, 118 in the West division, 223 in the Southeast division, 155 in the Northeast division and 160 cases in the Whitefiled CEN Police police station.

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