Youths get into fight over trivial issue during temple fair

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Public TV English
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The youths got into a fight over a trivial issue.

BAGALKOT: A group of youths got into a fight over not giving space for a car, near the Kanakaraya temple at Lingapura village in Guledagudda taluk on Sunday.

A fair was organised at the temple and a youth, who had brought a car, tried to park it near the temple but another youth who was in front of the car did not budge. The latter even broke the window of the car and threatened the driver to get off the vehicle.

Locals intervened and broke up the fight.

The two youths then got into an argument which soon turned into a physical fight. They threw each other to the ground and even tore their clothes. Some in the crowd who came in support of the car owner also thrashed the youth who blocked the car and a few others who went to his rescue.

The others in the crowd then intervened and broke up the fight between the two groups. No police complaint had been lodged in connection with the incident so far.

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