Women’s commission gets loads of complaints against live-in partners

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BENGALURU: The state women’s commission has been flooded with complaints from women against their live-in partners due to conflicts among live-in couples.

Live-in relationships are becoming more common these days. Women meet their partners either in college or at work. However, within a year of getting into a relationships, women are approaching the commission to file complaints against their live-in partners after cases of conflict and cheating.

Women file complaints with the State Women’s Commission against their live-in partners because of disagreements and misunderstandings in their relationship.

The Women’s Commission has now decided to create awareness about scams in live-in relationships in colleges and workplaces. Instead of seeking justice after being cheated, one should be careful not to be cheated. The commission has already visited some of the colleges to create awareness and has been stressing that women need to be careful to shape their own futures.

“Many cases are filed with the women’s commission every day. Most of the women seek protection from domestic violence and workplace abuse, as well as cohabitation conflict. Women meet their live-in partners at work or college. They will be living together for 6-7 years. Later, when they decide to marry, a misunderstanding arises and they separate”,said Pramila Naidu, chairperson, State Women’s Commission.

Pramila Naidu, chairperson, State Women’s Commission.

“Most women in these kinds of relationships do not focus on shaping their future. When they come to us, they will be depressed and ask us to file a case against them. I urge women to be financially independent, educated and shape their own future. We are raising awareness about it, “she added.

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