Viral video: Japanese restaurant lets you catch your own fish to cook

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TOKYO: How often have you come across restaurants that let you handpick your own produce or groceries for a meal? Next to none…right?

We usually go to eateries and order food but not many of us know what’s going into making the dishes we order. But there’s a Japanese restaurant that has set a new precedent!

The restaurant lets you catch fish from the pool inside which they serve you after cooking it. If you order seafood at the restaurant, guests have the option of sitting on a boat or catching fish from the restaurant’s side.

The restaurant also announces a celebration for the client after they catch their fish. And lastly, the chef prepares the fish in the style the customer requests.

A blogger based out of Japan shared the video of the restaurant on Instagram. Check it out:

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Japanese food is famous worldwide, especially sushi which has become a regular go-to option in high-end restaurants across the globe. Another traditional Japanese food is tempura. It has a crispy texture loaded with vegetables, shellfish, and other things battered in eggs and flour, and fried in vegetable oil.

Sashimi, Sukiyaki, Soba, Udon, and Okonomiyaki are some other Japanese authentic dishes that have gained popularity amongst people of different cultures, countries, and ethnicities. (ANI)

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