Two-wheeler rider has lucky escape after encountering elephant on road

Chandan Arora
Chandan Arora
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The two-wheeler rider encountered the elephant in the Talaimalai forest area in Talawadi.

CHAMARAJANAGAR: An aged man on a two-wheeler had a lucky escape after he encountered a lone elephant in the Talaimalai forest area in Talawadi close to the Tamil Nadu border, on Monday.

The motorcycle rider slowly passed the elephant on the road, but as it turned around, he went off the road, crashed his vehicle and fell. Some persons who were in a car immediately came to his rescue and sheltered him.

Some people who were in a car came to the rescue of the motorcycle rider.

After the elephant headed into the forest, the occupants of the car helped the man pick up his motorcycle from the shoulder of the road. The entire incident was captured on a mobile phone by the occupants of the car.

In another incident, an ox was believed to have been attacked in the hind leg by a tiger in the Yennehole hills in Chamarajanagar taluk. The ox belongs to one Mahadeve Gowda of Badagalapura.

Tigers are often spotted in the area and villagers have demanded the Forest Department to capture it.

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