Two boys find crude bomb near school, dog bites into it and dies

Public TV English
Public TV English
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One of the boys pointing to where he found the ball-like object near a school.

TUMAKURU: Two young boys had a lucky escape after a ball-like object they found near their school turned out to be a crude bomb meant for hunting wild pigs. Unfortunately, a stray dog which bit the object, died after it exploded in its mouth.

Yuvaraj and (right) Srinivas.

Yuvaraj and Srinivas found a ball-like object near their school at Madenahalli in Chikkanayakanahalli taluk. The two examined it for some time and later, Srinivas took it home and showed it to his father. Thinking that the object was something to do with occult practices, the boy’s father threw it away at a distance.

Unfortunately, a stray dog bit the ball-like object and the country bomb exploded in its mouth. The badly injured dog lay writhing in pain for some time and died later.

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