Tricolour fails to unfurl despite CM’s efforts; brought down, hoisted again

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Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, MLA N A Haris and the organisers tried to unfurl the national flag for about 15 minutes, but couldn't.

BENGALURU: The unfurling of the national flag on a high-mast pole at Opera junction on Brigade Road in city city was marked by bunglings galore on Thursday.

The flag was brought down, untied and hoisted back up.

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai was invited to unfurl the national flag, but the knot would not release however much the CM and Shantinagar Congress MLA N A Haris tried. The two and the organisers tried for nearly 15 minutes to undo the knot, but could not. Finally, the 24×36-feet flag was brought down, unfurled and hoisted back up.

The national anthem was stopped midway and then played again.

Also, the national anthem was stopped midway and then played again, which amounts to insulting the anthem, many said.

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