Tons of waste dumped into Tungabhadra after temple fair, devotees want clean-up

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Mounds of waste have accumulated all along the Tungabhadra river.

KOPPAL: The Tungabhadra river, the lifeline of the region, has been badly polluted with waste dumped all along the reservoir, posing huge danger to aquatic life and people dependent on the river for water.

Huge mounds of waste have accumulated near the Huligemma temple at Hulagi after the recent fair. The river water is considered holy and tourists question how they can even drink such polluted water.

Thousands of devotees visit the famous temple, but are left thirsting for water. “How can we even drink this water? If we take bath in this water and develop infection, what are we to do”? they question.

Visitors have demanded clean-up of the river.

Meanwhile, the officials concerned seem to have turned a blind eye to the uncontrolled pollution of the river.

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