Third meeting of G20 cultural group being held in Hampi till July 12

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NEW DELHI: The third meeting of the G20 cultural group meeting is being in Hampi from July 9 to 12. According to the Ministry of Culture, this meeting will witness the creation of a world record alongside the discussions.

“The Ministry of Culture will promote the traditional arts of this region with the support of this world record. The meeting of the Cultural Consortium will take place from July 9 to July 12, with the participation of approximately 50 representatives. This information was provided by the Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Govind Mohan, and Joint Secretary Lili Pandey in Vijayanagar”, said a statement.

Secretary Govind Mohan said that the four-day meeting will encompass discussions on several significant cultural issues. The meeting will host representatives from 20 countries, including nine guest nations, making a total of 50 participants. He mentioned that the first and second meetings held in Khajuraho and Bhubaneswar, respectively, yielded fruitful outcomes.

The third meeting in Hampi will build upon the positive results of the previous two meetings. The focus of the Cultural Consortium’s meeting will be on four priority areas — preservation and revival of cultural heritage, utilising heritage for future generations, promoting cultural economy, and leveraging digital technologies for cultural preservation.

The outcomes of the Cultural Consortium’s meeting have already begun to emerge. Recently, a bilateral agreement was reached with the United States concerning culture and discussions have commenced with other countries as well, the statement said.

Joint Secretary Lili Pandey highlighted that the third meeting is set to establish a world record. The event will showcase the longest embroidered patchwork created by Banjara community artisans. This feat involves the use of 1,300 patches, with the participation of 450 Banjara artisans.

The exhibition is being organised under the auspices of the Sindoor Art Center. Lily Pandey mentioned that this exhibition aims to promote the art of embroidery. On this occasion, the presence of the Deputy Inspector General of ASI, KK Bhasa, and the Additional Director General of PIB, Nanu Bhasin, was acknowledged. (ANI)

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