Teacher arrested after student ends life by jumping off building in Bengaluru

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BENGALURU: A day after a Class 10 student committed suicide by jumping off an apartment building, a teacher at his school who had allegedly scolded him for copying in the exams, was arrested for abetment of suicide on Wednesday. Based on a complaint by the parents, the teacher was charged under under IPC Section 306.

Moin Khan, a Class 10 student jumped, off an apartment building on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Moin Khan, a Class 10 student, committed suicide by jumping off an apartment building after his teacher scolded him for copying in an examination. He was a student at a private school in Hegde Nagar.

Moin Khan jumped from the 14th floor of RR Signature apartment.

In video footage, the student can be seen hanging on the 14th floor of RR Signature apartment building, for about a minute before letting go.

An FIR was filed at the Sampigehalli police station based on a complaint from the parents. As part of the primary investigation, his class teacher and the apartment security guards were interrogated by the police and the teacher was arrested. After the post-mortem, the body was handed over to the parents.

Moin Khan’s father

“I dropped him off at school around 8.30 am and at 11.15 am, I received a call from the school saying that my child had gone missing. We looked for him everywhere and later to find out that he had committed suicide. The school is responsible for the incident. The school management and apartment security are not tight. Before punishing him, they could have called us and talked to us. We pay school fees, but our children are not safe”, said Moin Khan’s father.

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