Students union councillor at JNU cites lack of security, claims outsiders involved

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NEW DELHI:After two students were injured in a clash at Jawaharlal Nehru University over a personal dispute in New Delhi on Thursday, Students Union Councillor Anagha Pradeep said that some boys were brought in from outside in the fight, while also attributing the lack of security guards on the campus as one reason for the same.

The councillor said that the security office was informed about a ruckus in one of the hostels but neither they nor JNU admin took steps to ensure students’ security and added that the JNU security has failed them “time and again”.

According to Delhi Police, at 5 pm, a PCR call was received regarding a scuffle near Narmada Hostel on the JNU campus. When the police team reached the spot, it was found that there was a fight between two groups over some personal issue in which two students were injured.

Speaking to ANI, the Students Union Councillor expressed her dissatisfaction over the security situation at the campus and said, “We received a message last night of a ruckus at Narmada hostel and a student was badly thrashed.

Before that, there was a brawl at Sutlej hostel. The security office was informed but neither they nor JNU admin took steps to ensure students’ security.”

“When we received a message in the afternoon that stick-carrying and tube light-wielding mob is coming here in big cars, the JNUSU president informed the Delhi Police. JNU security has failed us time and again,” Anagha added.
She alleged that the campus is becoming unsafe because the JNU administration and Delhi Police “allow violence” to take place.

“Lapse is happening, earlier this happened on January 5, 2020. Due to this, the campus is becoming unsafe, one of the reasons is that the JNU administration and Delhi Police allow violence to take place here. There are no guards in many places in JNU, due to which incidents are increasing. In today’s fight, some boys were also called from outside,” she claimed.

A JNU student Pallav said that the clash broke out over a birthday party on campus.

“A clash broke out between two boys over a birthday party, after which the dispute escalated and the fight started between the two groups, in which two students were injured,” Pallav said.

Another student Swati Singh said that there are continuous security lapses on the campus but there no concrete steps are taken by the administration.

“Since yesterday, many messages are coming on our WhatsApp that there has been a fight on the campus, but it was not known what happened. Today it was found that some people with sticks had entered near the Narmada Hostel.

There is continuous security lapse on the campus, there is continuous assault. The administration is not taking any concrete steps,” she said.

Some videos of the ruckus in the JNU campus have also surfaced in which some boys are seen running around with sticks in their hands, however, Delhi Police said that they are verifying the videos.

The police said that no complaint has been lodged yet. Necessary action will be taken as and when the complaint is received, added the police. (ANI)

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