‘Students should choose courses with utmost care’, says Public TV chief H R Ranganath

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BENGALURU: “Do not think only about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Electronics, Computer Science while choosing your courses. Students should choose the courses they want to pursue carefully”, Public TV Managing Director H R Ranganath suggested at the education expo ‘Vidhyapeeta’ on Saturday.

He was speaking after the inauguration of the sixth edition of the two-day ‘Vidhyapeeta’, Karnataka’s biggest education expo organised by Public TV on the theme ‘Today’s Learning, Tomorrow’s Light’ in collaboration with Ad6. The expo is being held at Gayatri Vihar, Palace Grounds, Bengaluru.

The guests inaugurated the education expo by lighting the lamp.

In the time of artificial intelligence, the path of education and options are becoming complex. There are both advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence in education sector and the job market. Thus, students should choose their courses carefully”, Ranganath said.

He further said, “Not everyone should think about Artificial Intelligence (AI), other fields like Electronics, Computer Science, civil and mechanical engineering and Civil Services are also important for society. There is no end to these sectors”.

“I am not assessing that whether computers and electronics are as good or bad sectors. They are related each other like a tree and a vine. Hence, students should pick the right courses with utmost care”, he added.

The Education expo ‘Vidhyapeeta’ includes more special features than last time. Many esteemed educational institutions have participated in large numbers in the mega expo. Public TV chief Ranganath wished the best for for the participants and for the event.

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