Sites being sold in violation of rules by real estate mafia in Yadgir

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YADGIRI: The real estate mafia is selling unauthorised sites in violation of rules in different parts of the city, including Survey No. 681 in Yadgir B village.

The real estate mafia develops layouts without following the rules and sells the sites. The plots are in huge demand, and hence, without following rules, realtors develop layouts in violation of rules and sell sites to the buyers, while deceiving both the government and buyers.

The real estate mafia develops layouts and sells the land without following the government rules

The realtors take provisional design approval from the Yadagir Urban Development Authority and sell plots without providing the basic facilities like water supply, drainage, roads, and electricity facilities in the layout. The municipality has even issued ‘khatas’ to these sites. The developers create layouts and sell sites.

Concerned property buyers have even written a letter to suspend the municipality commissioner and deputy registrar and also to register criminal case against the layout developers.

A local resident

“The real estate agents and realtors develop the layouts illegally. These sites do not have basic amenities and are also unauthorised. They violate all rules after taking provisional approval, and the sub-registrar issues the ‘khatas’. There is no development and it directly affects the government and site buyers”, said a local resident.

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