Siddaramaiah’s wife is more rich than him, owns assets worth Rs 32.12 crore

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MYSURU: Congress candidate from Varuna constituency, former chief minister and Opposition leader Siddaramaiah’s wife Parvathi is richer than him as per the asset details disclosed by him along with his nomination papers.

Siddaramaiah’s net worth, including both movable and immovable properties, is pegged at Rs 19 crore in total, while his wife Parvathi own assets totalling Rs 32.12 crore.

Siddaramaiah owns worth Rs 9.58 crore in inherited (moveable) property and Rs 9.43 crore in immovable property. His wife owns moveable property worth Rs 11.26 crore and Rs 19.56 crore in immovable asset, Rs 1.29 crore worth of inherited property and has a loan in her name totaling Rs 16.24 crore.

Siddaramaiah also declared a loan in his name totaling Rs 6.84 crore. He had announced properties worth Rs 18.55 crore during the 2018 election.

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