Shut PHC in Neelasandra has now become a hub for illegal activities

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BENGALURU: A dilapidated old government primary health centre in Neelasandra has now turned into a den of illegal and immoral activities. According to locals, the government facility was closed five years ago, but the place is being used by local youths at night for illegal activities.

The premises is littered with a heap of expired drugs, liquor bottles, cups, used condoms and other waste.

A heap of wrappers, bottles, expired medicine strips are lying on the floor.

Locals feel the land can be put to better use, and if there are any legal issues, then the BBMP should take steps to stop illegal activities here.

Residents, especially girls, are scared to use this road. Some bullies and youths are involved in taking drugs, or consuming liquor in the night, but neither the police department nor the BBMP have cracked down on the illegal activities going on here, they pointed out.

K Mathai, a retired KAS officer said the dilapidated government building is BBMP property.

K Mathai, a retired KAS officer and now AAP leader, said, “The primary health centre was closed five years ago. Locals residents are scared to walk anywhere near the dilapidated structure. According to the locals, it become a centre for illegal activities such as drug peddling. The police are also aware of this and the BBMP health officers too should be aware about this. The local MLA should inspect the pathetic condition this place wherein many lives were saved earlier. The authorities concerned should take immediate action and at least lock the building to prevent illegal activities”.

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