Sandalwood actor Chetan Chandra injured in brutal attack by gang of 20

Public TV English
Public TV English
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BENGALURU: Sandalwood actor Chetan Chandra was brutally attacked by about 20 unidentified people near Kaggalipura on Sunday night.

The incident occurred when he was on his way home after visiting a temple at Kanakapura. The actor shared information about the attack on Instagram. Chetan sustained injuries on the head, nose and other parts of the body and was left bleeding after the attack. The attackers also took away his gold chain.

Chetan Chandra narrating the ordeal.

Narrating the incident to Public TV, Chetan said a drunk man on a two-wheeler was tailing them for some distance and knocking on the car. “We did not stop as the place was deserted and there were no streetlights. At a toll plaza that is coming up, I let the two-wheeler rider pass ahead of me, but he suddenly blocked my way. A man and a woman arrived on the scene and took him away saying he was drunk. Then, suddenly, about 20 people pounced on us and attacked us”.

The drunk two-wheeler rider allegedly blocked the actor’s way after which they were assaulted.

Chetan also went live on his Instagram account after the incident and recounted the terrifying experience. “I don’t know why they attacked me. About 20 individuals attacked us and also vandalised the car”, Chetan said. “Such a thing should not happen to anyone”, he added.

Soon after the attack, Chetan Chandra went to hospital and was treated for his injuries. The actor later lodged a complaint at the Kaggalipurs police station. He acted in movies including ‘PUC’, ‘Premism’, ‘Rajdhani’ and ‘Kumbharashi’.

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