Rs 722 crore lost to cyber crimes in K’taka in 5 years; highest in Bengaluru

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BENGALURU: Over the past five years, Rs 722 crore has been lost in cyber crimes in the state, according to data on cyber crimes from the State Home Department. Unsurprisingly, the highest number of cases of cyber crimes are registered in Bengaluru city.

As online business and money transfers have increased, networks of cyber fraudsters has grown massively and the fraudsters steal directly from the victims’ bank accounts. According to the Home Department data, from 2019 to 2023, people lost Rs 722 crore and cases were registered in various districts in the state, including Bengaluru. Out of Rs 722 crore, the police have recovered some amount. A special manual has been prepared to create awareness about cyber crimes among school and college students.

The cyber fraudsters steal directly from the victims’ bank accounts.

In the year 2019, Rs 71,27,19,806 was lost in cyber crimes, but out of this, Rs 8,59,45,570 was recovered by the police. In 2020, Rs 1,05,99,55,357 was lost and out of this, Rs 14,83,49,627 was recovered. In 2021, Rs 145,05,85,810 was lost, and out of this, Rs 25,96,33,607 were recovered. In 2022, Rs 363,11,54,443 was lost and Rs 46,87,89,415 recovered. In 2023 (till January), Rs 36,63,82,797 was lost and Rs 1,03,44,045 were recovered.

Online frauds traced to Rajasthan, West Bengal and Delhi-NCR area

The cyber police in the city have revealed that all the online frauds are traced to Bharatpur in Rajasthan, West Bengal and the  Delhi-NCR area. The biggest hurdle for policemen is to nab the culprits from their native places.

The cyber police have revealed that most online frauds trace back to Rajasthan, West Bengal and the Delhi-NCR area.

The police are facing two challenges to catch the culprit in cyber crimes. One is the SIM card scam and another is the use of  fake documents to open bank accounts. The cyber fraudsters will have 100 to 200 mobile phone SIM cards . After they commit cyber frauds, they will dispose of the SIM cards. If the police trace the SIM cards, it will be in the name of some innocent people, they revealed.

The CEN Police of the North East Division have managed to crack how cyber fraudsters get their hands on so many SIM cards. The cyber fraudsters go door to door in the name of Aadhaar card and voter ID renewal and collect fingerprints. Using these fingerprints, they will purchase 10-15 SIM cards in the name of a single person without their knowledge. When the police trace the address, it turns out to be different. Apart from this, the fraudsters provide fake documents to open the bank accounts. Due to this, the police are unable to detect 60–70 per cent of cybercrime cases, they said.

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