Rs 70 lakh tender for sweeping, cleaning bathrooms at Jayanagar complex

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BENGALURU: The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has called for a tender of Rs 70 lakh to sweep and clean bathrooms at the Jayanagar shopping complex in the city. But citizens and traders have expressed outrage against the Palike.

For the past two-three months, garbage has been lying everywhere in the shopping complex and the bathrooms are not cleaned or maintained well. The traders and citizens claimed that the tender has been called only for BBMP officials’ benefit as the complex is not well maintained. A tender advertisement has already been published by the BBMP South Zone Project Engineer.

From the past two-three months, in the shopping complex garbage is everywhere and has poor maintenance.

During a reality check by Public TV, it was found that the new Jayanagar shopping complex, built four years ago, is not being maintained well from the beginning. Citizens and traders are raising doubts about why the BBMP has suddenly called for the tender, that too for a whopping Rs 70 lakh.

Lakshman, a trader in the Jayanagar shopping complex.

“For the past two to three months, the complex has not been cleaned. Two women come to clean the whole complex, but the bathrooms remain unclean and no one can use it. There is no water in the complex as the pipe has broken. The BBMP is not maintaining the complex. Even if they call a Rs 70 lakh tender, the work should be done properly. There is no security”, said Lakshman, a trader at the Jayanagar shopping complex.

Amaresh, a social activist

“The BBMP has called for a Rs 70 lakh tender for housekeeping in Jayanagar’s new and old complexes. The profits from the complex for the Palike is very less. The money of the taxpayers should be used for development, and the BBMP should not waste it like this. The officials should revise it and call a fresh tender”, said Amaresh, a social activist.

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