Prisoner at Shivamogga jail swallows mobile phone, complains of stomach pain

Public TV English
Public TV English
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SHIVAMOGGA: A prisoner at the central jail here swallowed a small mobile phone and later complained of pain in the stomach. He was rushed to hospital by the prison authorities.

The prisoner, Parashuram, had managed to sneak in a mobile phone which he swallowed. When he developed pain in the stomach, he was first taken to the prison hospital and then rushed to McGann Hospital where doctors suspected that he may have injested a stone. Later, Parashuram was taken to Victoria Hospital in Bengaluru where the doctors removed the mobile phone.

Questions are now being raised about security lapses after the mobile phone was smuggled into the central prison. The Tunga Nagar police have registered a case in connection with the prisoner injesting the phone.

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