Police arrest 17 men for manipulating weighing scales with circuit boards in Bengaluru

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BENGALURU: The Kamakshipalya police have arrested 17 poeple who were manipulating weighing scales by fixing printed circuit boards in them so that the weight can be changed using a remote control. These weighing scales are used in PDS shops, chicken, mutton and fish stores and in the scrap yard to cheat customers.

The arrested include Somashekar, Naveen Kumar, Vinesh Patel, Rajesh, Vyatarayan, Meghanadhan, Lokesh K, Gangadhar, Lokesh S, Chandrashekaraiah, Ananthaiah, Ranganath, Shivanna, Sanaullah, Vishwanath, Mohammed Ishaq and Madhusudhan.

Somashekar and Naven Kumar had secured a licence from the legal metrology department and are into the sales and service business and had learnt to manipulate weighing scales by watching YouTube videos. They were into cheating for the last two-three years, and based on their information, the police have found out that customers have been cheated in many shops.

Naveen Kumar had been caught manipulating weighing scales in 2020 too and a case was registered against him at KP Agrahara police station. Naveen Kumar had allegedly threatened an assistant controller of legal metrology who had lodged the complaint against him and another case was registered at the Vidhana Soudha police station.

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