PHANA & IMA express concern about increasing fake doctors in Silicon City

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BENGALURU: Following the arrest of a  fake doctor by the Rajagopalnagar police after a woman lost full use of her leg, citizens are are worried about the proliferation of fake doctors in the city.

The Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes Association (PHANA) and the Indian Medical Association (IMA) too have expressed concern about the increasing number of fake doctors in the city. The two associations are planning to conduct a survey and submit a report to the government, demanding stringent action against fake doctors.

There are many clinics running without registration or certification. Most of the graduates are working in semi-urban areas as registered medical practitioners. The IMA and PHANA have demanded that the authorities raid and shut down illegal clinics across Karnataka.

Dr Karunakaran, general secretary of the IMA-Karnataka chapter, said, “We will submit a report on fake doctors and illegal clinics and demand stringent action against them as per KPME Act. Fake medicine practitioners are concentrated in rural and semi-urban areas. This situation has arisen as a result of the government’s failure to adhere to the system. Every doctor should be registered under the KPME Act. The people as well as the government need to be aware of fake medical practitioners. A majority of people visit hospitals after experiencing health problems. We will identify fake doctors and clinics, notify the appropriate authorities to conduct inspections, and suggest that they take appropriate action”.

Dr Karunakaran, general secretary of the IMA, said they will conduct a survey of fake doctors and suggests to the authorities concerned to take stringent action.

The PHANA said the number of patients who are falling sick after being treated by fake doctors is increasing and they are later getting admitted to private hospitals. There has been a rise such cases of late, the association said.

Dr Prasanna, president of PHANA, has demanded the government to implement policies and acts effectively to save innocent lives.

Dr Prasanna, president of PHANA, said, “We are trying to approach the government and to create awareness among the public regarding fake doctors. There are many fake doctors practising and running clinics in tier-2 and tier-3 cities in the name of RMPs. They prescribe heavy doses of steroids and antibiotics and many people have lost their lives because of these fake practitioners”.

Further, he alleged, “I think the government is showing a soft corner in terms to taking action. Neither the government nor the Health Department have established clear policies to bar such practitioners and are not enforcing existing policies. The government has to take the strongest policy decisions and implement them effectively. Even compounders (attender) and plaster technicians are practising in slum areas as doctors. It is high time that the government takes a firm decision. We are planning to meet the health minister and submit our survey report. We can save at least innocent lives by this”.

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