No question of backing out from LS poll contest: Eshwarappa stands firm on decision

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SHIVAMOGGA: Former Deputy CM K S Eshwarappa has asserted that there is no question of him withdrawing from the Lok Sabha poll race. “I will contest the election independently from Shivamogga. There is no question of stepping back from the decision”, he stressed. This comes on the back of his son K E Kantesh being denied a ticket from Haveri where former CM Basavaraj Bommai will be contesting.

Speaking in Shivamogga, Eshwarappa said, “My supporters and well-wishers in Shivamogga held a meeting earlier and expressed their opinion. I never thought that so many people would join. I have already made the announcement. I will contest the election, for sure. Araga Jnanendra, Ravikumar and Arun had tried to convince me”.

“I brought to their attention why I was contesting the election. The party cheated many BJP leaders in the state. They cheated those who worked for Hindutva. The party is suffering because it is caught in the hands of the Yediyurappa family. Lingayat leaders trusted him. When Yediyurappa formed the KJP, he got only six seats. This is his leadership. In case there is a need for a Lingayat leader, Basanagouda Patil Yatnal could have made as president; C T Ravi could have selected as he is a Vkkaliga; he has all the capacity”, Eshwarappa lashed out against Yediyurappa.

“If a backward class leader is to be made president, then why not me? Don’t I have the calibre? When did I leave the party? Whenever the party asked me, I resigned from whatever post I held. Yediyurappa and Vijayendra are strangling the party, which is our mother. I am contesting to protect the party. The party should be protected from Yediyurappa and his family”, he added.

“Many people from the state are contacting me over phone to tell me not to step back from election politics. I am contesting the polls because of their pressure”, he said.Eshwarappa made it clear that he will not withdraw from the race no matter what or no matter who comes to persuade him.

“Ananda Guruji visited my residence in Shivamogga and blessed me to contest the Lok Sabha elections. I am indebted to get his blessings and trust”, Ehswarappa added.

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