New Year Eve celebrations likely to be extended till 2 am this year

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Brigade road and commercial streets are set to welcome new year.

BENGALURU: After two years of the pandemic, the Silicon City is gearing up for grand New Year’s Eve celebration. With just 10-15 days for Christmas and New Year, preparations for the celebration are on in full swing in the central business district.

Usually, the police allow celebrations till 1 am every year. But, this year, they planning to extend the celebration timing. People come to Bengaluru from across India and abroad for the celebrations.

Commercial Street is being decorated with colorful lights, balloons and festoons.

Owners of pubs, clubs and hoteliers have already submitted an appeal to extend the timing of the New Year Eve celebration. If the government approves the plna, the timing could be extended.

Brigade and Commercial Street are decorated with colourful lighting and shops and malls are offering discounted sales, offering attractive prices to customers.

Foreign citizen taking selfies under decorated street lights.

Police department is considering deploying more personnel this year to maintain law and order in the central business district (CBD) if the celebration timing is extended.

Brigade Shop and Establishments Association president Suhail said they are decorating streets to attract people.

Brigade Shop and Establishments Association president Suhail said, “There will be a large crowd during New Year’s Eve and there are many pubs and clubs on Brigade Road. For many years now, it comes as custom to decorate the streets during Christmas and New Year season. The total cost of the decoration will be Rs 10 lakh to Rs 12 lakh, that will be borne by the association”.

President of the Commercial Street Shop Owners Association Sanjay Motwani said they are organising event to promote business.

President of the Commercial Street Shop Owners Association Sanjay Motwani said,  “We have formed a young business promotion committee to manage such event. If decorated, Commercial Street will be an added attraction for visitors during the festivities. Foreign nationals too come here and we are organising entertainment and cultural programmes. We will decorate the streets with lights and there will be contests and fun games. We are offering coupons on every purchase at cost Rs 1,000”.

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