Modi bows at feet of woman functionary, VHP leader during Karnataka visit

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi bowed to touch the feet of a woman BJP functionary and a VHP leader during his visit to the state on Sunday.

MANDYA, DHARWAD: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was in Karnataka on Sunday to inaugurate the 10-lane Bengaluru-Mysuru expressway, the IIT campus at Dharwad and lay the foundation stone for other works, shocked the gathered crowds when he bowed at the feet of two people in a special gesture.

At Gejjalagere near Mandya, a host of BJP leaders were lined up on the stage to see off the Prime Minister. As he arrived on the dais, a woman leader tried to seek his blessings by touching his feet. But Modi himself bowed to touch her feet, surprising everyone.

“I felt as if I had seen God and wanted to bow to his feet. But he stopped me and instead, bowed at my feet. I felt uncomfortable and sat down. It is my luck that I got to see him. Modi respects women a lot and they are given first priority in the BJP. After his visit, there is a BJP wave across all the seven Assembly constituencies in Mandya district”, district BJP Mahila Morcha vice-president Anuradha told Public TV.

VHP leader Chetan Rao (left) and Bajrang Dal functionary Raghu.

During the inauguration of the IIT campus in Dharwad, Vishwa Hindu Parishat (VHP) leader Chetan Rao and Raghu of Bajrang Dal were among those waiting to welcome the PM. On seeing Modi, an emotional Chetan Rao fell at his feet and, in turn, Modi too bowed down to touch Chetan’s feet.

Raghu told Public TV, “We were standing in line to meet Modi ji. After he greeted me, the VHP worker standing next to me got emotional and we were also excited to see Modi ji. While we greeted him with folded hands, Chetan Rao fell at Modi’s feet, even though the PM dissuaded him. But Chetan Rao went ahead and, in return, the PM too bowed at his feet”.

Meanwhile the Congress, which had attacked the BJP over history-sheeter ‘Fighter’ Ravi joining the party, trolled the ruling party on social media after photos emerged of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and ‘Fighter’ Ravi greeting each other with folded hands in Mandya emerged. Ravi also garlanded the PM at the PES College helipad when he arrived in Mandya from the Mandakalli airport in Mysuru.

“There can no other party as shameless as the BJP. By folding hands in front of a history-sheeter Narendra Modi has put a blot on the position of the Prime Minister. The party, which claimed that it will not induct rowdies, presented a history-sheeter before the Prime Minister”, the Congress said.

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