Man strangulates girlfriend to death after argument, tries to make it look like suicide

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BENGALURU: A man allegedly killed his girlfriend by strangling her on Monday after an argument over their relationship. The accused left the body on the floor, locked the room from the outside and is absconding.

The incident came to light when the roommate of the girl came home after work at night. The incident took place at Kodihalli in Jeevan Bima Nagar, Bengaluru. The police look out for the accused.

The accused was identified as Arpith, hailing from Delhi, and the deceased has been identified as Akanksha from Hyderabad city. Earlier, both were working in the same company and later moved to different companies. Akanksha was a B.Com graduate and was working in the sales section in a private company.

Previously, the two were living together in a house. Recently, they had a fight after which they separated. On Monday, Arpith came to where Akanksha was living and the two again got into an argument. Arpith then her killed by strangulation. The accused tied a cloth around her neck to portray it as a suicide. But he was not able lift the body to hang it from a fan. Hence, he left it on the floor, locked the house from outside and escaped.

The incident came to light when Akanksha’s roommate returned home after work at night. Initially, the police believed it to be a case of unnatural death and now, they are on the lookout for Arpit.

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