Lingadheeranahalli residents want waste processing plant closed down

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Lingadheeranahalli residents are facing difficulty from the wastage disposal unit.

BENGALURU: The threat of Covid-19 may have subsided, but Lingadheeranahalli residents continue to wear mask because of foul smell that emanates from a waste processing plant close by.

More than 3,000 people are living in the area and facing the problem every day. They cannot even eat food despite shutting all doors and are spending sleepless nights because of the stink from the plant.

The residents of Lingadheeranahalli staging protest in front of the waste processing plant.

The Environmental Officer of Rajarajeshwari Nagar conducted an inspection of the solid waste processing plant on November 2 and submitted a report to State Pollution Control Board. The report notes that that the waste processing unit does not have an effluent treatment plant for leachate treatment.

An inspection report conducted by the Environment officer Banashankari.

As per the observations of the environmental officer, “It is evident that the processing plant authority ( BBMP) has not complied with the most of the conditions stipulated in the EC, CFO and authorisations. Further, the BBMP has not complied with most of the non compliances observed during the previous inspections by the officers of the Board. Hence, further decision may be taken at the Board office pertaining to further necessary action against the MSW processing plant at the earliest”.

Chandanapriya, a young girl, complains that she cannot have food and falls sick due to dirty smell.

Chandanapriya, a young resident of the locality says, “We can’t even take off our mask while having food. It is impossible to go out without a mask. I cannot bear the stench from the waste processing plant. I have fallen sick and vomitted in school near Banashankari many times”.

“There is no fresh air at all and the stench from waste disposal unit has increased over the last month. Sometimes, it’s even difficult to breathe”, she remarked.

Preethi, a resident of Banashankari, said that they will continue their protest until a solution is found.

Preethi, a resident of Banashankari, said, “We are always at home and face difficulty every day. Foul smell spreads throughout the house and it is affecting our health. Asthma patients are suffering a lot and it is directly affecting the health of children. Due to the foul smell, children are suffering cold, cough and fever. The BBMP is not coming up with effective solutions and we will continue out protest till we get relief”.

The Bangalore Development Authourity has constructed more than 4o flats near the waste treatment plant and the residents say they cannot bear the foul smell. They say they will continue their protest to demand closure of the unit or till the time the BBMP comes up with a solution to get rid of the stench.

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