KPCC working prez Satish Jarkiholi says ‘Hindu’ is Persian word, stokes row

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Satish Jarkiholi, KPCC working president.

BELAGAVI: Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee working president Satish Jarkiholi waded into a controversy after remarking that the word ‘Hindu’  is from Persian, not India,.

Addressing the ‘Buddha, Basava and Ambendkar to every home’ convention, organised by Manava Bandhutva Vedike at Belagavi on Sunday evening, he even went on to tell the gathering that if people know what the word Hindu means, they would be ashamed.

KPCC working president Satish Jarkiholi with other religious leaders during the event.

His statements have now triggered a storm with activists of Hindu outfits demanding action against him.

“Where is the word ‘Hindu’ derived from? It came from Persia. So what is the relation between India and Persia? There is a need for a debate on how ‘Hindu’ became ours back then. If the ‘Hindu’ word is not ours, then why is it being used? There word ‘Hindu’ has some meaning, but  if you understand what it is, then you may feel ashamed”, he said.

Participants at the ‘Buddha, Basavanna, Ambedkar to every home’ convention on Sunday.

He further said that religion is being imposing on people forcefully. “History has been twisted and we need to re-learn it. The history of Chhatrapati Shivaji would not have come to light it it were not for Mahatma Jyothi Ba Pule. His history might have been kept secret. There was equality during the period of Chhatrapati Shivaji. But now conflict is arising between Marathas, Muslims and Dalits.

The crowd at the ‘Buddha, Basavanna, Ambedkar to every home’ convention on Sunday.

“What happened and what is being presented are very different. The works of  Basavanna, Sant Tukaram, Shivaji are being highlighted, but many people were killed in Basavanna’s era. Were they killed by Muslims? A Jain Swami had said that around one lakh Jains were killed. Was it ordered by Adil Shah? There is a need to have a debate on these issues. People are killing others and then offering puja. Books written for time-pass are becoming scriptures now. Most people do not know about history. Once they understand it, everything will be alright”, he felt.

On Monday, senior Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala, tweeted condeming the statement and sadi, “Hinduism is a way of life & a civilisational reality. Congress built our Nation to respect every religion, belief & faith. This is the essence of India. The statement attributed to Satish Jarkiholi is deeply unfortunate & deserves to be rejected. We condemn it unequivocally.”

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