Jimmy Kimmel says Smith’s famous Oscar slap will be mentioned during 2023 award

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WASHINGTON:American TV host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who is set to host the 95th Academy Awards in 2023, recently teased the topics that he will have to address while helming the show.

According to Deadline, among the topics, one that is unavoidable will be when during the last Oscar ceremony Will Smith walked up on-stage and smacked Chris Rock after a joke at his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s expense.

“It’s got to come up in some way. You know, I don’t want to really make light of it necessarily, because it wasn’t light to comedians. You know, comedians are mad about it,” he told Extra in an interview, reported Deadline.

Kimmel added, “It’s like, it’s one of those things that for a group of people that find everything funny, it’s, like, not funny, you know? But of course… when they read the wrong winner one year when I hosted the Oscars, we had to make mention of that the next year,” reported Deadline.

He also stated that he would not be hosting the show while lying down but rather while standing. This was a reference to the Emmys skit he and co-presenter Will Arnett made in which Kimmel was pulled on stage and remained there while Quinta Brunson accepted her trophy.

According to Deadline, the comedian drew a lot of backlash over that stunt but it seems he may have moved past that experience. “I’ll be standing. I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll be standing. In fact, I’m going to wear lifts,” he said.

Kimmel’s Oscars return comes as the host recently extended his deal to continue at ABC for at least three more years, through the 23rd season of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’. His pact with the network was set to expire next year.

The Oscars is hoping that choosing a familiar face like Kimmel, who has earned solid marks for his stints hosting the Oscars and the Emmys, is the safest route to go, as per Variety. (ANI)

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