“It’s not 1962, but 2022 with Modi govt”: Tawang Monastery monks

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Public TV English
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TAWANG: Following the Yangtse skirmish between the Indian and Chinese soldiers along the Line of Actual Control in Tawang sector, the monks of famous Tawang Monastery have warned China that, “it’s not 1962, it’s 2022” and “it is PM Narendra Modi government” at the helm.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not spare anyone. We support the Modi government and Indian army,” Lama Yeshi Khawo – a Monk of Tawang Monastery said voicing the concerns of all those present at the 17th-century monastery that has also witnessed the 1962 clash between the Asian giants.

Yesi Khawo said that the Chinese government always “goes after” other countries’ territories and it’s totally wrong.
“They also eye Indian land.

The Chinese government is wrong. If they want peace in the world, then they shouldn’t do this. If they actually want peace, then they shouldn’t harm anyone,” Khawo said.

He also said that they have full trust in the present Indian government and the Indian Army, who will keep Tawang secure.

“During the 1962 war, the monks of this monastery helped the Indian Army. The Chinese army had also entered into the monastery, but they didn’t hurt anyone.

Earlier, Tawang was part of Tibet and the Chinese government had captured the land of Tibet. The Chinese government claims that Tawang is also part of Tibet. But Tawang is an integral part of India.

We don’t worry, because the Indian Army is at the border. We are not worried about the incidents that have happened along the border and we are living here peacefully,” Yeshi Khawo said.

He further said that the Tawang Monastery was built in 1681 which is the second biggest and oldest Monastery in Asia and it was built following the approval of the 5th Dalai Lama.

“The 6th Dalai Lama was born in Tawang. We have many blessings from 5th and 6th Dalai Lama. At present there are around 500 monks in the Tawang Monastery. There are 89 small houses in the premises of the Monastery and it’s Gurukul system.

Apart from Buddhism philosophy, general education is also imparted,” Yeshi Khawo said. (ANI)

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