In unique drive, Raichur police seize vehicles, get insurance policies done on the spot

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Raichur Superintendent of Police Nikhil Bullavar inspects the seized vehicles.

RAICHUR: The Raichur police are on a mission — to make vehicle owners aware of how important it is to have vehicle insurance. Over the past week, the police have seized over 2,000 vehicles without insurance and surprisingly, not levied penalties. Instead, they gave vehicle owners some lessons on traffic rules and also got their vehicle insurance renewed.

Seized vehicles being brought for renewal of insurance.

Many vehicle owners in the district have not bothered to get their vehicles insured though children, the aged and entire families travel. On realising this, Raichur Superintendent of Police Nikhil Bullavar launched a unique campaign in the district including Raichur, Sindhanur, Maski, Lingasugur, Sirwar and other places. Upon checking the vehicle documents, it came to light that most of the vehicles did not have insurance. Many vehicles were seized and the insurance cover was provided on the spot.

As part of the initiative, 2420 vehicles including 2, 394 two-wheelers, three- and four-wheelers were seized across the district and insurance policies done.

On the spot insurance renewal/purchase was arranged by the Raichur police.

The SP, citing an accident case in Maski, said a 19-year-old boy had died but the vehicle had no documents. “The family was very poor and the parents came to my office seeking some sort of compensation. When asked, the parents said they did not know about vehicle insurance at all, and that if they knew, they would have got it done. This incident acted as a trigger for us and we discussed the issue in our monthly crime meeting.

“Earlier too, we had tried to make vehicle owners aware of the need for vehicle insurance, but we had failed as a team. So we discussed this threadbare and came up with this plan”, he said.

Raichur Superintendent of Police Nikhil Bullavar

The SP also said the drive has been stopped from Tuesday and that henceforth, fines will be levied. “People should benefit from having vehicle insurance. Instead of paying a fine of Rs 1,000, they may as well get insurance cover for the same amount”, he added.

The move has been hailed by vehicle owners. “The police have informed the people about the benefits of having insurance cover in case of an accident. They have arranged for on spot insurance renewal/purchase, which is laudable”, said Narasappa, a two-wheeler owner who did not have insurance cover.

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