IDF: Over 8000 rockets fired at Israel, 2,50,000 Israeli civilians evacuate from their homes

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Public TV English
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TEL AVIV: The Israel Defence Force on Friday stated that since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, more than 8000 rockets have been fired at Israel, and 2,50,000 Israeli civilians have been evacuated from their homes.

In a post shared by the IDF on X, it stressed, “Israel is still under fire”, adding that over 300 rockets are fired at Israel daily.

Moreover, noting that 27 days have passed since Hamas fired rockets at Israel on October 7, it also stated that currently 242 hostages are in Gaza, out of which 30 of them are children.

In another post, the IDF shared a video showing the Gaza Strip, including Hamas’ military operational centres and headquarters where they plan their attacks, weapons and artillery used to target Israeli civilians.

Additionally, they also showed the stockpiles of rocket launchers that are responsible for 60 per cent of Hamas’ rocket fire.

Moreover, the video also revealed the area where Hamas terrorists hide, beneath homes, schools, and hospitals. At the end of the video, the IDF emphasized, “Hamas must be eliminated and there’s only one way to reach them, that’s what we are doing now.”

Earlier today, the IDF also stressed that the Israeli forces are only operating against the Hamas terrorist organization for the safety of both Israeli and Gazan civilians.

“Therefore, we have been urging the people of Gaza to evacuate south. For the past three weeks, this message was communicated to the people of Gaza in various forms-spoken, printed, or televised,” it said.

The IDF also said that its priorities are to bring home the children, women and men, who are being held hostage by Hamas and to make sure Hamas will no longer have the ability to attack Israelis.

“The IDF is doing everything in its power to achieve this,” the IDF added. (ANI)

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