IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri’s fans pose nine questions to IPS officer Roopa

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BENGALURU: A day after IPS officer D Roopa levelled a series of allegations against IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri on a social media platform, Rohini Sindhuri’s fans and followers lashed out at Roopa on Twitter on Monday.

The Rohini Sindhuri Organization, a fan account on Twitter, posted nine questions using the hashtag #UttaraKodiRoopaAvre.

Rohini Sindhuri Organization’s posers to Roopa:

Question No-1

“Everyone knows Rohini Sindhuri did nothing wrong in the Chamarajanagar oxygen disaster, so why do you keep blaming her, D Roopa”?

Question No-2

“Has this order not come to the attention of a senior IPS officer @D_Roopa_IPS?”

Question No- 3

“Highlighting Shilpa Nag as ‘Kannadathi’ in your tweet, did you ever see Sindhuri hating Kannadigas? Have you ever seen her give a speech in Telugu on any platform?”

Question No-4

“When you spoke to PublicTV yesterday, you said, ‘Don’t compare Rohini and me.’ Even though all this has happened, she will work diligently as usual. Why are you trying to get media attention?”

Question No-5

Madam, did you not notice that Sindhuri made it clear that the plan and idea for the construction of the swimming pool at the DC residence in Mysuru were not hers?”

Question No-6

“Rohini Sindhuri has stated that the Lucky Ali land dispute has nothing to do with her. So, regardless of who is accused in her family, why directly blame Sindhuri?”

Question No-7

“All Kannadigas have great respect for her and she is a great inspiration to all Kannadiga girls. Meanwhile, is it right to hurt a senior, female official of the Karnataka government by calling her as somebody from a different state? Don’t Kannadiga officers serve in other states?”

Question No-8

“Sindhuri learned to speak Kannada fluently within six months of her arrival in Karnataka. Have you noticed Kannadigas being ignored during her office hours?”

Question No-9

“Even if there is any allegation against Rohini, without directly bringing it to the notice of the Chief Secretary of Karnataka and the DG&IGP, is it right that her private photos taken on WhatsApp screenshots went viral on social media?”.

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