‘I am planning for 2047’: PM Modi

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Public TV English
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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that he is already planning for the year 2047 adding that he has never worked for headlines but has always ensured to complete his work within deadlines.

When asked at the Conclave whether Prime Minister Modi is already preparing for the 2029 Lok Sabha elections, the Prime Minister said,” Find out what Modi is. You are stuck on 2029 but I am planning for 2047.”

PM Modi further mentioned that today the mood of the nation is about making India a Viksit Bharat.

“Today the process of celebrating the biggest democratic festival has started. At a time when the whole world is facing uncertainties, one thing is sure India will keep developing at a fast pace. Today the mood of the nation is about India’s efforts towards becoming the third biggest economy in the world. The mood of the nation is about making India a Viksit Bharat. Whenever I come at such conclave all you have expectations that I give many headlines but I don’t work for headlines, but for deadlines,” he said.

Prime Minister further said that the Northeast region of the country was neglected by the government before 2014 but became a priority under his government.

“Before 2014, the northeast region was always at the bottom of the list of priorities. After 2014, we decided that our ministers and senior officials would tour not only the district headquarters but also the interior parts of the region,” he said.

Highlighting the efforts made in the Northeast region by the BJP-led Centre in the last 10 years, the Prime Minister said that a change in mentality took place under his tenure towards its outlook for the villages in the region.

“Our Central ministers have visited the Northeast region 680 times. I alone went more to the Northeast region, which is more than the combined trips previous Prime Ministers took. We changed the mentality. Those which were called the last villages of India we changed that and started calling them the first villages. 17 of my cabinet ministers visited there and stayed all night,” he said. (ANI)

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