‘I am in NDA..’: TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu clear air as BJP rallies for coalition support

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VIJAYAWADA (Andhra Pradesh): As the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) rallies for support of alliances to form the government after falling short of a majority, Telegu Desam Party (TDP) chief Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday extended support to the BJP and affirmed that he is “a part of NDA”.

“I have seen so many political changes in the country. I am in NDA. I am going to the NDA meeting. If there is anything else, we will report to you”, Naidu said, extending his support to the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) while addressing a press conference in Vijaywada.

Naidu is leaving for Delhi to attend a scheduled NDA meeting post the announcement of election results. Thanking the people of Andhra Pradesh for giving support to the TDP and the NDA alliance, Naidu said, “I haven’t seen such a historical election. In this election people from the USA spending 5 lakhs rupees came and voted. Even the labourers working in other states have come to vote. These elections will be written with golden words”.

“I urge all the people that they should constantly give us feedback during our governance. It will help us to give good governance. We will review everything after going to Delhi and coming back,” he added.

Naidu also expressed gratitude towards Janasena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan for supporting them in the state, so that the “anti-incumbency does not split up”.

“Pawan Kalyan supported us so that the anti-incumbency will not split up. I thank him sincerely. BJP also supported us. I thank all Delhi leaders who came here including Modi, Amit Shah and all the workers of TDP, BJP and Janasena. With all our work together, we could win this”, Naidu said.

Naidu further criticized the YSR Congress Party’s five-year tenure, alleging extensive economic and agricultural damage.

Taking potshots at the five years of the YSRCP government in Andhra Pradesh, Naidu said, “The past five years of governance have inflicted damage equivalent to 30 years. The economy is in ruins, and the exact debt levels are unknown. Agriculture is suffering from severe water shortages. Farmers were unable to protest when sand was removed from their lands. Additionally, our workers were placed under house arrest.”

“During Assembly sessions, I encountered difficult situations, and many YSRCP leaders harassed me and my family. On that day, I vowed to return to the assembly with a super-majority. The public supported me and sent me back to the assembly. I have been responsible both in opposition and in power. We will meet your expectations,” he added.

The NDA alliance comprising Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP and the Pawan Kalyan-led Jana Sena Party (JSP) along with the BJP won Andhra Pradesh.

As per the Election Commission data, NDA registered a massive victory winning 164 out of the 175 seats in the Andhra Pradesh assembly. TDP won 135 seats, the Jana Sena party won 21 seats, while the BJP won 8 seats in assembly elections. The ruling YSRCP won just 11 seats.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has secured a third term, but the BJP is relying on the support of other parties in his coalition — JD (U) chief Nitish Kumar and TDP’s chief Chandrababu Naidu, falling 32 seats short of the 272 majority mark. (ANI)

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