History-sheeter Bettanagere Seena changed name, joined BJP in May

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MP Pratap Simha handed over BJP flags to Nellur Shankare Gowda in the event.

MYSURU: At a time when the BJP is scrambling to clear its image after a history-sheeter was seen sharing the stage with some of its elected members in Bengalur last Sunday, it has now come to light that another history-sheeter, Bettanagere Seena changed his name to Nallur Shankare Gowda and joined BJP in May 8, 2022. Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha had even welcomed him into the party fold by handing over a BJP flag and shawl to hims. Pictures of the event have gone now viral on social media.

Many people joined BJP in HD Kote constituency and MP Pratap Simha was present. The event organised by Appanna.

The event was organised by local leader Appanna and many people were induced into the party wherein Pratap Simha and BJP state general secretary Siddaraju were present.

It now turns out that Bettanagere Seena aka Nallur Shankare Gowda is an aspirant for a zilla panchayat seat from H D Kote constituency in Mysuru district. Recently, he had even put welcome boards for Revenue Minister R Ashoka’s village stay programme.

Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha said, he did not know the background of  Nellur Shankare Gowda. 

Reacting to a question on a history-sheeter joining the BJP, Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha said, “I had gone to the Mysuru BJP office when I was asked to join in and welcome the new inductees and present them with a shawl. Local leader Appanna had arranged the programme, and I do not know about Betthanegere Seena. Thousands of people join the party. I cannot check their Kundali, Jataka or their background. I just went there out of respect for senior leaders”.

“I am not doing any job recruitment here. The days of rowdy politics are gone. I am being wrongly linked to the issue. People know who indulged in politics in the name of history-sheeters like Oil Kumar, Kotwal Ramachandra and Jayaraj”, he retorted.

Nallur Shankare Gowda had put a welcome board for Revenue Minister R Ashoka’s village stay programme.

“We have dealt with the people who indulged in dangerous politics in Kashmir. We don’t need any rowdies. I believe in developmental politics. I am strong enough to face anyone”, he remarked.

Criticising the Congress, Pratap Simha said, “That party may need rowdies. I won when Siddaramaiah was Chief Minister. Rowdies know that Modi did not spare terrorists and are thinking what would be their fate. Rowdies are getting into social service after changing their mindset. Some of them really want to join the mainstream of society and live normal lives. The BJP has given strong leadership. Many people have joined hands with the party in building a strong society. There is no need to make a big issue of it”, he concluded.

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