Here’s why one should think twice before wishing anyone a ‘Happy Good Friday’

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NEW DELHI: Here’s why one should think twice before wishing anyone a ‘Happy Good Friday’

The habit of reading the word ‘good’ and referring to happy moments may confuse you on the day of ‘Good Friday’.

Many unintentionally end up wishing their friends with greetings like ‘Happy Good Friday’ which is the result of a lack of information.

The story behind Good Friday can clear your doubts regarding the dilemma of using the word ‘Good’ and still not greeting anyone with joy.

The tale behind ‘Good Friday’ is about the day when Lord Jesus was crucified by Romans. A follower of Jesus, Judas told Roman soldiers about Jesus kissing him which should result in the arrest of the Lord, he was rewarded 30 silver pieces for his service by the authorities. The Jewish who were already in anger with Jesus due to his claim of being the ‘son of God’ handed him over to Romans. The Governor of Rome, Pontius Pilate ordered the execution of Jesus.

Jesus carried his cross to the place of execution known as Calvary. Here high priest was crucified by being nailed on the same cross by his wrist and ankles. The day Jesus was put to death led to horror for followers of Jesus and happiness for Satan.

Now let’s figure out the association of the word ‘good’ to such a heart-wrenching incident. The day of ‘Good Friday’ is followed by the celebration known as ‘Easter’ which refers to the event of the resurrection of Jesus on the third day of his crucifixion at Calvary by Romans.

This narrated the victory of the Lord over evil showing the world how he died to save mankind. The sacrifice of Jesus to promise a beautiful life to humans refers to the word ‘good’ but this event of crucifixion also restricts us from greeting anyone with ‘Happy Good Friday’ messages or regards. (ANI)

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