Govt high school in Nelamangala becomes hub of anti-social activities

Chandan Arora
Chandan Arora
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BENGLURU: The Government Pre-University College and High School in Nelamangala has become a haven for bullies and anti-social activities. Students and teachers of the high school section suffer every day due to foul smell emanating from the rear side of the school where domestic waste, liquor bottles and plastic waste are dumped. The place is also frequented by anti-social elements after school hours.

Students say they cannot focus on studies due to the foul smell coming from waste dumped beside the classroom.

The teachers and students have requested the authorities concerned to take action immediate action against those dumping waste and creating nuisance on the campus, but no action has been taken so far, they alleged.

Pranab, a student, requested the police to take stern action against boys who tease children.

Pranab, a student of the school, said, “We clean our school surroundings every day, but some bullies from the nearby colony throw paper, liquor bottles, waste and stick obscene pictures on the walls. There is foul smell coming from the waste and we cannot even concentrate on studies or sit peacefully in the classroom. Some miscreants are abusing schoolchildren and ragging them in the vicinity of the school. I would request the police to take action in this regard at the earliest possible”.

The principal Puttaswamy worried about school campus and said school becoming a hub for anti-social elements.

G Puttaswamy, vice-principal of the school, said, “Some unknown group of boys are spoiling the environment by throwing waste in the school backyard. The municipal authorities did not heed our request. Now the school campus is becoming a hub for anti-social elements. The exams are approaching and students are getting disturbed with this environment and are inconvenienced”.

The vice-principal requested the authorities concerned to take immediate action and put a stop to anti-social elements and others from entering the school campus.

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