Gifting season by netas in Belagavi 5 months ahead of Assembly election

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Women crowding to collect free lunchboxes at a programme organised by Congress MLA Anjali Nimbalkar.

BELAGAVI: Five months ahead of the Assembly election, The BJP and Congress leaders in Belagavi are already vying with each to woo voters with gifts — from lunchboxes to sarees and even eye camps and spectacles.

BJP hopeful Dilip Kumar is giving away sarees to women.

These gifts are for targeted groups like youths and women. In Khanapur constituency, where women voters are the deciding factor, Congress MLA Anjali Nimbalkar and BJP hopeful A Dileep Kumar are organising ‘arishina kumkuma’ events.

While Anjali gave away lunchboxes to women, Dileep Kumar is distributing sarees. A video of women crowding to grab the free lunchboxes at Beedi village has since gone viral.

BJP hopeful Dr Sonali Sarnobat is organising free eye camps and giving away free spectacles.

Another BJP hopeful, Dr Sonali Sarnobat, is organising free eye camps and giving away free spectacles. In Belagavi North and South constituencies, BJP legislators Anil Benake and Abhay Patil are distributing free textbooks to PUC students.

In Belagavi Rural constituency, Congress MLA Laxmi Hebalkar is also organising ‘arishina kumkuma’ programmes and giving away lunchboxes.

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