Fleeing from wife’s ‘harassment’, contractor lands in Belagavi police net with Rs 26 lakh cash

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BELAGAVI: Fed up of constant ‘harassment from his wife, a contractor from Mumbai loaded himself with cash, took out his car, turned on Google Maps and was on his way to Goa to soak up in the Sun and sand. But as his luck would have it, he was stopped at a checkpost in Belagavi on Friday night where the police seized Rs 26 lakh from him.

Despite all his reasoning with the police, the cash was seized and the case handed over to the Income Tax Department. The man tried to tell the police that he had all the records for the money that he was carrying, but the police would have none of it.

The man told the police that he is a Class 1 contractor in Mumbai and that he was heading to Goa to escape the constant harassment from his wife as he wanted some peace of mind. When the police asked him why he was carrying so much cash, he told them that if he did online transactions, it would be known through bank records and hence he was carrying cash. The contractor also told the police that he entered the city even as he was looking into Google Maps for directions to Goa.

The incident occurred at Karnataka Circle under Market police limits. The Income Tax Department officials are now questioning him about the source of money and why he was carrying a huge amount.

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