9 women killed as overall death toll hits 12 in Karachi stampede

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Public TV English
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KARACHI: Nine women have been killed as the overall death toll reached 12 in the Karachi stampede on Friday during a ration distribution drive in a factory, Geo News reported.

The most recent instance in which people died while trying to obtain free food took place inside a factory near the Naurus crossroads in Karachi’s SITE neighbourhood.

According to rescue officials and police authorities in the region, three children were killed as well.

Also, six people passed out during the stampede, rescuers informed Geo News. Police officers said that a sizable crowd had gathered at the location while the ration was being handed.

According to rescue officials, they also received reports of a fire caused by a petrol leak at the factory. They also discovered water in the narrow streets, which appears to indicate that factory workers attempted to put out the fire.

Moreover, the police officials said that they were not informed about the zakat or ration distribution by factory employees, otherwise they would have made appropriate arrangements.

Rescue teams transported the bodies and injured to the nearby hospital. Several people are in critical condition. (ANI)

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