Drunk driver passes out on road, holds up traffic on highway in Madikeri

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The drunk driver had passed out in the car on the road.

MADIKERI: A drunk man caused quite a scene near the old private bus stand here on Friday night after he parked his car on the road and passed out. As a result, traffic flow was affected on the national highway for quite some time.

Locals and police tried to wake up the driver by knocking on the windows.

Since the car was locked from inside and the windows raised, there was no way he could be woken up. Despite several attempts by the police and locals by knocking on the windows, the car driver did not come to his senses. Even rocking the car did not seem to help.

After much struggle, the drunk man came around and moved his car. He has been booked for drunk driving and let off after an FIR was registered against him. The police had a tough time managing traffic.

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