Deer strays into village, attacked by stray dogs

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Public TV English
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The bloodied floor of the hotel.

HASSAN: A deer, which had strayed into Bikkodu village in Belur taluk, was bitten by stray dogs. The badly wounded deer entered into a hotel in a bid to save itself the dogs.

Paramesh pointing to the blood stains.

The bleeding deer, which was being attacked by dogs, ran into Mathrushri Bhavan, run by Paramesh. The scared animal disturbed things kept inside the hotel.

The deer escaped when the forest staff were trying to rescue it and treat the wounds.

Paramesh closed the shutter of the hotel from outside and called the Forest Department. But when the Forest officials arrived there to rescue it, the deer ran towards the forest as soon as the shutter was lifted.

A few months ago, a young deer had entered the same hotel. Paramesh had rescued it and released it in the forest.

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