Dacoit gang arrested by Soladevanahalli police 

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BENGALURU: A gang of eight dacoits which targeted single houses has been arrested and looted residents has been arrested by the city police. The arrested include Nithesh Kumar alias Lodde, Kishan, Shivaraj, Manu Jangam, Sagar, Ranjith Kumar and Anil. Three of the arrested are history-sheeters.

The accused Ranjith Kuamr, Sagar, Shivaraj and Kishan were arrested by Soladevanahalli police station.

The gang broke into a house where four people lived. When they barged in, the accused immediately used pepper spray on the occupants of the house, tied their hands and legs. The gang also attacked a man with a machete who protested. They then took away all the money in the house, and the residents’ mobile phones, and escaped.

The accused Nithesh, Manu Jangam and Anil were arrested by Soladevanahalli Police station.

A case was registered at the Soladevanahalli police station. Following the arrest, the police have taken up further investigation.

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